Financial reporting services

"We help you make the report card of Company"

Financial statements are the ultimate report card of a company's fiscal performance.

 Financial statements enable owners and managers to pursue their business objectives, whether they are raising capital, acquisition, divestiture or restructure. Therefore, every business activity, through the company's lifecycle, impacts the financial statements and hence needs to be carefully examined and analyzed.

How NKB can Help

NKB's dedicated experts focus on statutory reporting and accounting matters. We have the knowledge, experience and quality in this complex and changing environment to support the organizations.
Whether the finance team need additional support at the year-end or require help with complex accounting matters during the year, our teams are experienced to support

Our key assurance services include

  1. Group consolidation
    • Standard reporting templets for group companies
    • Aligned chart of accounts
    • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  2. Financial Statement preparation
    • Prepare ready-to-use templates
    • Map chart of accounts
    • Make financial statement structures
  3. Accounting manual preparation
    • Developing of finance and accounting policy manual for various functions
    • Review of existing accounts and audits manuals
  4. New standard implementation
    • Implementation support
    • Development of process design for easy reporting
    • Automated template
    • Preparation of disclosures and updated to financials statements
  5. IPO Support
    • Preparation of the restated financial statements
    • Preparation of combined financial statements
    • Helping company matching the intercompany transactions and balances
  6. Loan staff
    • Providing experienced staff to the clients for meting their specific requirements
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