Refund Policy

All defined terms used below shall have the meanings set forth in our Terms and Conditions.

  • Once a service is purchased online, then payment made for it will not be refunded or cancelled.
  • The payment made for it will only be refunded in few cases that is also is at the discretion of N. K. Bansal & Co. like:
    • There is error in payment or payment has not been processed correctly.
    • The process of delivery of service has not been started.
    • If a service have not complied with any of its feature as expressed in the Service description and/or there is delay in providing the same due to which the service becomes time barred or any other unavoidable circumstances beyond the reach/fault of the customer.
  • Request for refund of payment shall be made by You to us within 7 business days of date of payment at
    • Once you request for a refund then it will terminate Your right to use our services and any related warranties or guarantees and further use of the Service will be considered as misuse and can result into cancellation of the refund or any further penalties can be charged on the basis of loss suffered by N. K. Bansal & Co. on Account of such cancellation.

Disclaimer: Any refund will be granted after verifying the realisation of payment and after deduction of the applicable taxes and/or finance charges to that particular transaction. The approval of such request will be at the sole discretion of the N. K. Bansal & Co. You consent to the terms while making Your application for refund.

By entering and using this website content it will be implied that you have accepted our refund and cancellation practices and principles and that you are bound by it. In no case will N. K. Bansal & Co. be responsible for any loss/ harm to you on account of you not being updated with any changes in our refund and cancellation practices and principles.

Refund & Cancellation Policy may change from time to time and the changes shall be posted on this page only. The effective date of this policy, as stated below, indicates the last time this policy was revised or materially changed.

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