Audit and assurance services

"We help you strengthened trust and transparency"

Businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure their audit and financial reporting meet ever more robust requirements.
The world marketplace including India has undergone massive changes in the recent years. Underlying this picture is a continually changing regulatory environment which demands that companies have access to advice which will help them adapt to the new financial landscape.

How NKB can Help

Our audit and assurances service offerings are based on a complete understanding of the clients business specifics, industry peculiarities and the applicable laws. The audit approach is based on the compliance issues, the nature and requirement for audit, the clients requirement and key risk issues involved.
As your trusted advisers, our role is to ease pressure by guiding you through the complex area.

Our key assurance services include

  1. Statutory audits
  2. We provide attestation services that are meant to provide a qualitative comment on the true & fair nature of the financial statements of corporations/firms. In addition, NKB audits are geared to evaluate compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosure norms.

  3. Agreed-upon procedure

    In today's business we are required to issue report on factual fact findings, based on specified procedures. Having adequate knowledge of the business and industry, we help with specific procedures like sales and profit of specific segment and related parties.

  4. Certification services
  5. Certain financial information needs to be certified for various purposes such as tendering process, regulatory requirements or on request of third parties. As part of our assurance services, we also provide necessary certification services to our clients.

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